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The importance of emotional intelligence and reflexivity in activism

Link to episode on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/la-weimann/episodes/The-importance-of-emotional-intelligence-and-reflexivity-in-activism-e4qduo

Emotions are important drivers of change and play a key role in environmental activism. However, activism burnout is also very common and can stop action and commitment to a cause. Change takes time and determination. For some people not seeing immediate change is very frustrating and leads to them losing hope, denying that any change can still happen and even giving up.

We need to create spaces to address our emotions and realise how we can create regenerative times and a sense of community within causes. As a society we need to look at activism in a new way. A way to bring purpose into our lives. When looking at history there are some amazing examples of societal change and this should give us hope and determination for societal change today. Personally, activism has brought to much purpose and mission into my life. It has changed my entire world view and transformed my life.

We need to break down ontological division between activist and non-activist. Deep down we all are passionate about something. In that way maybe we are all activists. This is a critical point in our time on Earth, and we must rise to the challenge of Climate Emergency on our little planet. There is no planet B.