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Our Future is Burning!

The Amazon rainforest produces over 20% of our oxygen on Earth. Without it we are a dying species.

Trees are essential in our efforts to maintain a habitable planet. They are the climate-friendliest technology that we have to combat Climate Change. The older and more mature trees are the better they are at converting CO2 into O2 and recycling our air from pollutants. We have little more than 10 years left to stop Climate Catastrophe and ensure a habitable planet on Earth. Mature, big trees are indispensable for that future. Yet, they are being burnt and cut down while we are continuing our lives on Earth as usual. This cannot go on. Our future is burning. We must act. Now.

What can you do?

  • Stop consuming meat and animal products. Up to 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction is because of animal agriculture. Brazil is the is world’s largest exporter of beef and is therefore pursuing aggressive agricultural policies that promote meat consumption. To keep up with the growing demand the rainforest is being burnt down to create grazing land for cattle.
  • Sign petitions to push for immediate global action on the fires.
  • Donate to organisations and charities that are directly helping to fight the fires in the Amazon rainforest and are working with indigenous communities to keep the Amazon rainforest alive and healthy.

Please consider donation to organisations and initiatives that are fighting the Amazonian fires and supporting indigenous communities there. Down below is a link for Amazon Frontlines but of cause there are many more organisations which you could support.