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How can feminist theories contribute to climate change politics?

Link to my article featured in BRIZO magazine:


Why is it that there seem to be more female climate activists? Why is it that sustainability-related societies tend to be disproportionately dominated by women? Why is “caring” for the world framed as a female characteristic?

“Studies have shown that women have played a major role in pushing for climate action both within delegations at Climate Conferences and within the establishments of the Sustainable Development Goals. They generally tend to perceive climate change as more serious than men do and try to push for action beyond rhetoric more than their male counterparts. Yet, only 10% of the world’s head of states are female and major policy decisions around climate change are chiefly taking by male leaders. How does this translate in climate change politics and outcomes?”

“Ecofeminism highlights that patriarchal society also affects how humans objectify and instrumentalise nature. This has leads to the domination of humans on Earth and lack of respect towards nature as an entity in its own right.”

“Critical feminism offers a way to question the patriarchal system and dominance on Earth. It challenges us to look at new climate solutions and highlights the necessity for everyone to champion climate action. “

Feminism is for both men and women. It is about criticising the patriarchal world system and looking at how we can redefine our relationships with each other and this world.

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