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Global Climate Youth Movement

Link to Anchor recording: https://anchor.fm/la-weimann/episodes/Global-Climate-Youth-Movement—podcast-recording-from-the-6th-of-April-2019-e3ndj2

This episode is an edited recording from my live radio show discussion on the 6th of April 2019 about the global climate youth movement.

I discussed the global climate movements, Youth strikes, Extinction Rebellion and the upcoming global climate strikes. Furthermore, I also addressed criticism about the strikes and what my response to it is. This is our future and we have a right to stand up for it. Join the movement! 

With Climate Change we are standing at a tipping point of Earth’s history and yet many still do not recognise the severity of the situation. Even though it has been known for over 50 years that humans are doing considerable damage to the Earth and environment no significant change has been implemented by governments and the international community. As young people, who are working hard for our future it is very alarming to see that future crumbling beneath our feat. That is why we are left with no option but to try get our voices heard through protest, demonstrations and strikes.

For that reason, together with fellow passionate students we formed the “Climate Action St Andrews” group to mobilise action for climate change and unite school children and student from around Fife to join us. We are not staying silent any longer. Along with people from around the world we will act and protest as long as it takes to implement real change for climate action. All over the world people are rising in the name of climate action and we stand in solidarity together with them.