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Dear Earth

A poetry collection by Léa Weimann

This book is a dream come true. Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to publish a book. In 2019 words flooded out of my heart and onto paper – ready to enter the world. “This is for you. It is a love letter to this beautiful planet. Moreover, it is a letter to you. In the hope that some of what you read will speak to you. That it will give you the courage to be unapologetically you. That it inspires you to go outside more and connect with nature. That you may question dominant realities that shape everyday life and threaten life on Earth forever. That it inspires critical thought. Most of all I hope it will inspire you to care, to love and to act. May it awaken you to the possibilities of making a difference. May you realise that your voice counts and that you can make a change. May it remind you of the beauty of living on Earth and the responsibility we all have to protect our home.”

The book is divided into 5 parts:

  1. Our Home
  2. Questioning everything
  3. Letters to Earth and all its inhabitants
  4. The oceans are rising but so are we!
  5. A better world?

Profits of the book will go to different environmental charities that support the Amazon rainforest, climate activism and nature-based climate solutions. The first prints of the book came out in December 2019 and it will be officially launched in St Andrews, Scotland in the first term of 2020. The book is also available for order on Amazon. If you can buy it directly from me – you can get the book at a discounted rate and more money will go directly to environmental charities. (For any questions or orders please contact me via email: ecoactivists.journey@gmail.com).

The book is illustrated with photographs and darkroom art by my friend and fellow nature-lover Jonė Juchnevičiūtė and the front and back cover are designed and drawn by Corin Wong.  Follow the journey of over 90 poems accompanied by beautiful photography and art on the path towards a new Earth – how it will look is up to us.

Become part of the biggest global citizen movement in human history.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/3000644156

If you order it directly from me you can get the book for 10 Pounds / 12 Euros (plus shipping) of which half will go directly to environmental charities and the other half is the printing cost. For now, please email me at ecoactivists.journey@gmail.com if you want to order a copy directly from me and not through Amazon.

I would love to hear how you like the book and poems so please let me know via Instagram (@ecoactivist.lea), Twitter (@WeimannLea) or Email (ecoactivists.journey@gmail.com).