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My Vegan Story

My vegan story and vegan ice cream taste test Link to Anchor podcast: https://anchor.fm/la-weimann/episodes/My-Vegan-Story–vegan-ice-cream-taste-test-e3djuk This is a special episode of me taste tasting vegan ice cream and talking about why and how I went vegan!  I decided to go vegan in June 2016 and it has been one of the best decisions ever. In this episode I discuss environmental, ethical […]

Open Cages and Animal Welfare

What is Open Cages? Why care about animal welfare? – A discussion with Open Cages St Andrews Link to Anchor podcast: https://anchor.fm/la-weimann/episodes/What-is-Open-Cages–Why-care-about-animal-welfare—-A-discussion-with-Open-Cages-St-Andrews-e3dggq In this podcast Ma Jingjing, Michael Lupher and I discuss Open Cages, activist campaigns, animal welfare and veganism.  The podcast is an edited version of the live radio show so the music breaks have been cut out in […]

The importance of international cooperation on Climate Change

Why is international cooperation on Climate Change so important? – A discussion with the United Nations Association St Andrews Link to episode on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/la-weimann/episodes/Why-is-international-cooperation-on-Climate-Change-so-important—-A-discussion-with-the-United-Nations-Association-St-Andrews-e3biaq This episode is a podcast recording is from a live radio discussion on the 23rd of February 2019 with the United Nations Association St Andrews branch on St Andrews Radio (STAR). The podcast revolves around […]

Victoria Falls World Heritage Site

Mosi- Oa- Tunya   The former blue sky has turned into brown haze that lies over the Falls. The former thunder that impressed Livingstone from far away is now turned into a constant noise deriving from dozens of helicopters blades cutting the air together with blaring light aircrafts that hover from sunrise until sunset over the Falls. It makes communication […]

The Hunting Debate

On Wednesday the 10th of October I went to a University Debate with the motion “This House Supports Hunting”. I heard people say, “that they hunt because they love nature and animals and the sport of hunting gives them a greater appreciation of nature and the world around them.” I heard people argue that “through hunting animals are giving a […]

Poem: Our Sanctuary

From every step we take on this Earth To every breath we breathe. Our life leaves an imprint. It changes the world For the worse Or the better. With every heartbeat running through the roots of the forest With every leave rustle, Rain drop, Sunray… I know that we are Entwined with every life. We are the Earth. Earth is […]

About me

My name is Léa Weimann, I am a passionate eco-activist born at 366ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. I hold an MA (honours) in International Relations & Sustainable Development from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. My happy space is to be outside, appreciate nature and do outdoor activities. Speaking about my passion and sustainability is one of […]

Water crisis & drought in South Africa

RECURRENT WATER CRISES IN SOUTH AFRICA AND TIPS ON HOW TO SAVE WATER What every tourist visiting Cape Town should know: Since 2000 it is evident that if a draught was to strike Cape Town the water supply for the ever- expanding city would become critical. However, no foresight planning was done by the responsible governmental bodies. When the water […]

Cape Town Rhino Project 2015

HERSCHEL: OUR RHINO with the BIG HEART The 22 September marks world rhino day. The question is what does this mean for us? South Africa has the highest rhino population in the world. In 2014, poachers killed 1215 rhinos in South Africa. This means that every 8 hours one rhino is killed. This year already 749 rhinos were poached. Caused […]