What is Open Cages? Why care about animal welfare? – A discussion with Open Cages St Andrews

Link to Anchor podcast: https://anchor.fm/la-weimann/episodes/What-is-Open-Cages–Why-care-about-animal-welfare—-A-discussion-with-Open-Cages-St-Andrews-e3dggq

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In this podcast Ma Jingjing, Michael Lupher and I discuss Open Cages, activist campaigns, animal welfare and veganism. 

The podcast is an edited version of the live radio show so the music breaks have been cut out in order to respect copy rights. 

Please tune in to find out more about Open Cages, what it is, the moral behind it, animal welfare, corporate activism and how to get involved and make a difference. In particlar we discuss the #StandWithChickens campaign, #TescoTruth and also mention the #FurFreeBritain campaign. 

If you want to get involved check out Open Cages UK, Open Cages St Andrews and feel free to contact me via Instagram (@ecoactivist.lea) or the radio show Facebook page (@ecoactivistjourneys).