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Our Coral Reefs

Picture of a Coral Reef in Madagascar

Are we the last generation to see living coral reefs?

I’ve always loved the ocean but on my travels in Madagascar something struck different and I re-discovered the beauty of our oceans.

I had the incredible opportunity to swim in coral reef waters and dive through fish swarms in order to explore these wildlife sanctuaries. However, I was also confronted with the harsh reality of coral bleaching, sea level rise and coral graveyards.

We depend on the ocean’s wellbeing, on coral reefs, and all the creatures we coexist on Earth with. We depend on biodiversity. There is so much beauty to be discovered in our oceans and we are risking it all.

What can we do to ensure and demand the protection of our coral sanctuaries and our ocean habitats?

Are we the last generation that sees beautiful living corals?

We are the authors of Earth’s history.

Please watch the narrated video I compiled with coral reefs footage from Madagascar and share the message!

Let’s save our oceans!