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Poem: Our Sanctuary

From every step we take on this Earth

To every breath we breathe.

Our life leaves an imprint.

It changes the world

For the worse

Or the better.

With every heartbeat running through the roots of the forest

With every leave rustle,

Rain drop,


I know that we are

Entwined with every life.

We are the Earth.

Earth is outside

And within us.

Our bodies will forever

Form part of the Earth.

From Earth we were formed…

And to Earth we shall one day return.

This is our safe space.

Our sanctuary.

How we treat it is how we treat ourselves.

Because we are part of every root of the forest.

Take time to feel the Earth.

Feel the mud between your toes.

Sand between your hands

Wet grass

Sun rays on your skin.

Wind in your hair.

Take time to BE the Earth.

This is our sanctuary.