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Healthy, Zero-waste & Palm oil-free Muesli Mix

Healthy, Zero-waste & Palm oil- free Muesli

This is my favourite and most convenient way of preparing a tasty muesli mix with exactly the ingredients that I like and that I know are responsibility sourced and healthy.

It is much cheaper than buying an expensive and commercial muesli packet from the store, reduces the amount of trash made, is healthy, vegan and without palm oil!



  • Oats (1kg)
  • Dates
  • Raisins
  • Cinnamon
  • Amaranth poppies
  • Diced almond splitters
  • Small dried fruit pieces


The measurements depend on the bulk size of muesli that you want to make, your personal consumption rates and your favourite ingredients. Some people like more raisins than others, some think small dried fruit pieces are necessary to add additional flavour, while other do not mind not having dried fruit pieces in their muesli as they will add fresh fruit when making a breakfast or snack bowl with the muesli mix. Long story short – the ingredients list is just a rough guideline how I make my muesli mix, which also differs slightly each time depending on the ingredients I have available and if I want to experiment around a bit.

Another option is to bake the oats in the oven for a bit to make them crunchy or even add some sugar but I prefer them raw and unsweetened.

Either way it is a quick way to prepare some bulk muesli and in addition helps reduce your trash and limits the amount of waste on landfills and in the ocean. Personally, I like to make it in 1kg of oat batches and then add ingredients to the big bowl and mix them up as I go!


Please share and encourage others to make their own homemade muesli batches to reduce waste, promote a healthy and conscious lifestyle, save money and boycott the palm oil industry.

In order to make a difference we all need to speak up and actively live a lifestyle that promotes conscious living.

I hope you enjoy trying out making your own muesli mix!

For any questions feel free to contact me via Instagram @ecoactivist.lea or via email: ecoactivists.capetown@gmail.com

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Sending love and positive vibes.