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Cycle to School Project


Reasons to cycle to school:

  1. It improves our local environment, as bicycles in contrast to cars do not emit greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change.
  2. Cycling saves time. In busy urban areas, especially around schools cycling is often faster than taking the car and you do not need a family chauffeur.
  3. It saves money for fuel and reduces overall fuel consumption.
  4. It reduces the traffic on the school campus and enhances the air quality in schools.
  5. Cyclists are four times faster than pedestrians. It is a good exercise and trains your body and your endurance.
  6. You can use shortcuts with bikes that are forbidden for cars.
  7. You can form groups and cycle to school together and create more community life.
  8. A fun way of making a difference for our environment.


“Be the change that you want to see”

Make a difference!