Poem: Climate Change

Just the sound of the word

Seems to scare people away.

It sounds too complicated.

Too complex.

Too out of reach.

Too far away from daily life…


Yet is touches every aspect of our life.

It defines our future.

It is changing society forever.

It is changing our world.

It will change the way we live on this planet.


Whether that is for the worse or the better is for us to decide.

We can transform our society to the better.


Let the outcome of scarce resources,

Weather extremes

Food poverty

Mass migration

And Conflict

Decide how this world will look.


It is a human problem

That need a human solution.


For once we have a chance to rise up together.

We the people.

We Planet Earth.


Stand up to the 1% that are destroying us

And our home.

This is an action call for all of us.

From all countries,

All races,

All nations,

All religions.


We are all one.

We are all Earth.

We are all the authors of Earth’s future.

THIS is our future.

Our reality.


Everything we love is at stake.

Let us not give up without a fight.


-Lea Elisa Weimann