Poem: Who will bring the change?


“It will have to come from individuals!”

“Oh no, my dear friend:

Individual action will no change the system!”

“Well but then what is the system made of – if not individuals?”


“Politicians. Yes, yes…

Well they are so universally similar.

Just set out for their own interests.”

“Come now. Let us not mistake the universe for our little planet.”

“Universal or not universal.

This little planet is damned.”

“Who is to blame but ourselves?

We are the authors of our history!”


“Well yes…

This world has long headed in the wrong direction.”

“So, you think we should further follow this path?”

Lead ourselves to our own destruction?

Close our eyes?

Not look back and not look forward?

Shut our senses?”


“What do senses have to do with anything?”

“Oh, but they have to do with everything!

It is our senses that are realising the magnitude of our action.

Our senses that are seeing the destruction.

Our senses that are feeling the change.


The world is changing.

It is whether or not WE are going to change.

That is what will determine our future!”


-Lea Elisa Weimann