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Poem: Our Sanctuary

From every step we take on this Earth To every breath we breathe. Our life leaves an imprint. It changes the world For the worse Or the better. With every heartbeat running through the roots of the forest With every leave rustle, Rain drop, Sunray… I know that we are Entwined with every life. We are the Earth. Earth is […]

Poem: Climate Change

Just the sound of the word Seems to scare people away. It sounds too complicated. Too complex. Too out of reach. Too far away from daily life…   Yet is touches every aspect of our life. It defines our future. It is changing society forever. It is changing our world. It will change the way we live on this planet. […]

Poem: Who will bring the change?

  “It will have to come from individuals!” “Oh no, my dear friend: Individual action will no change the system!” “Well but then what is the system made of – if not individuals?”   “Politicians. Yes, yes… Well they are so universally similar. Just set out for their own interests.” “Come now. Let us not mistake the universe for our […]