Why I created this website:

Hello, fellow Earthling! Welcome to my Eco-Activist website! I aim to raise awareness on current environmental issues and suggest ways how everybody of us can make a difference. Please join me and become an eco-activist to lead a more sustainable and environmentally – friendly life.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”-Nelson Mandela

If we ourselves cannot committ to change and become active and mindful citizens how can we expect world leaders to do so? As citizens we must not underestimate our power to create change and demand more sustainable practices. The lifestyle we live, the choices we make and the things we directly and indirectly support through our actions show the kind of human that we are. Eco-activism is a way of demonstrating how much we care for all aspects of life: how much we care for our fellow human beings, how much we care for other species, nature, the future of us and this planet.

There is a much deeper bond between us and nature than we are currently acknowledging. Often we are so disconnected from nature that we not longer understand that our ultimate attitude of having fun impacts our environment. Personnally, eco-activism and reflecting on my behaviour and lifestyle has given me so much satisfaction and purpose in my life.

We do not sit on top of a pyramid. We do not simply live on the world. We are not just visitors passing by. We are the world. We form part of nature and nature is cyclic. What we do to nature will eventually come back to us. There is no point in denying that whatever we do it will have an impact on the environment. However, this does not give us the right to  exploit and degrade our environment. It rather means that we have the responsibility to protect and care for our home. We are the guardians of our sanctuary. Our ability to love, care and feel should give us hope for the future and empower us to become environmentally responsible citizens. I hope this website can inspire you to lead a more sustainable and environmental-conscious lifestyle.

Take the following 5 steps to become an eco-activist and your own climate hero:

  1. Reflect on your life style choices.
    • What impact am I having on the environment?
    • Which environmentally-friendly choices am I making?
    • How can I live a life that reflects my values?
  2. Talk with other people about it, research solutions and implement changes.
  3. Make an action plan. Motivate others to join you on the journey.
  4. How can I speak up and make a difference? Consciously make the decision to speak up and be the example.
  5. Take part in petitions, write to local governments and use your voice to make a difference.

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My name is Léa Weimann, I am 22 years old and a passionate eco-activist and nature girl. Currently, I am studying International Relations & Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. My happy space is to be outside, appreciate nature and do outdoor activities. I host a weekly radio show on St Andrews Radio and publish regular podcast episodes. Speaking about my passion and sustainability is one of my favourite things to do! Furthermore, I am a passionate vegan and love exploring new recipes and trying different vegan foods. At the end of 2019 I published my first book called DEAR EARTH which is non-for profit with all money going to environmental charities and I am so excited to share with you. Welcome to my website!